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At night, Silicon Valley’s Line 22 bus becomes a homeless shelter due to its 24/7 running schedule. Here’s an interesting look at one night on such a bus.

Located deep underground, the fallout shelters listed in the video above is more like an ark (similar to Noah’s) that aims to not only prolong life but also preserve it along with artifacts, species, and other human remains. It’s weird that people would invest in this. None of them are really proven to last as […]


A couple who purchased a home in Woodland Hills found a near-perfect and intact fallout shelter dating back to 1961! Sort of reminds me of the film Blast From The Past! The shelter was the brainchild of nuclear engineer Alvin Kaufman, who built it in 1961 about 15 feet below ground in the hopes that […]

I’ve been watching some tight space living videos today to get some ideas for my own place and now that I’ve seen the video above, all I can think about is how awesome it would be to just leave my place here and buy into one of these EDV-01 emergency shelters.


Photo: Feng Li/Getty Images Interesting fact of the day: Puhung Station, located 100 meters underground in Pyongyang, North Korea, also serves as an atomic fallout shelter.


I enjoy looking at Chris Mottalini’s photo series entitled “The Mistake By The Lake”. The project documents some of Buffalo, New York’s amateur-made bus shelters which many parents erect to protect their children from the freezing cold while they wait outside for the bus. Chris’ photos show how the bus shelters become abandoned over time […]