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This is why I can’t do boats. Not only do I get motion sickness, but I can’t deal with not being able to go anywhere else in rough seas. I’m at the mercy of the waves at that point, and that really scares me. Also, it’s funny to me that there’s a wiper on this boat.

Watch this video of the boat Seaspan dumping a load of timber into water in British Columbia, Canada.


I’m loving the color scheme of this new Russian Icebreaker. It works in a rather unusual way by gliding on top of the ice and using its own weight to break the ice from above. Oh, and it moves sideways as you see here and in doing so breaks enough ice for a larger ship to […]


This is amazing. I first saw this from a friend on Instagram who owns this set and I gotta say, this is so amazing. I had no idea LEGO made a MAERSK Line Triple-E ship. The LEGO set includes 1500 pieces and costs $149.

Interesting! This machine scans any number of items needed for shipment and automatically cuts a box that will fit those items exactly for shipment!