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This is so damn funny. Laughing Squid posted this video of a man named Mehdi Sadaghdar showing us how to properly use an electrostatic discharge gun. Get ready for him to mess up. A couple of times.

This is an incredibly funny prank. Sometimes not funny when he doesn’t acknowledge that it’s a prank, but overall, a good one.

What is this sorcery?! Gizmodo posted this video demonstration of Buff Labs’ shock-absorbing screen protectors for the iPhone 4 which can take an incredible beating as seen in the videos posted here.

This is genuinely stupid but so hilarious. Watch as a few guys try on a bark collar and then proceed to mimic a dog bark. Shocking (haha, I’m so clever with my words)!!


Holy smokes! Have you ever dropped a bowling ball on your iPad? No? Well, if you had the G-Form Extreme iPad sleeve you’d have nothing to worry about because the case is made from PORON XRD shock-absorbing material that will protect your iPad from even the destructive forces of a 12-pound bowling ball. [via] The […]