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Totally forgot to mention this earlier for those of you in Los Angeles, but one of the best bike shops in LA, Orange20, is hosting a Chrome pop-up shop at their location at 4351 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029. Stop by!

I filmed this for 3sixteen last week as they set up for their 10th anniversary pop-up shop on Allen Street. Fun times! Anyway, if you haven’t stopped by yet, you should. The shop is open the rest of this month over at 162 Allen Street.


If you’re ever in Old Town, Pasadena, make sure you stop by Amara Chocolate & Coffee. It’s a small chocolate and coffee shop tucked away off the main street that serves some mean-tasting chocolate drinks. Grab some churros with it and enjoy the rustic interior while people-watching from the big store windows. Super delicious all […]