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This is how the Institute for Highway Safety tests for side impact crashes.


I’m sure I’m ruining this secret entrance by posting about this, but I want to remember it when I visit the Louvre. It turns out that there’s a secret side entrance to the museum with shorter lines and quicker access to the Renaissance section of the museum. Here’s how to get there: The Porte des […]


I need to go see this in person! Richard Jackson’s large installation of a dog peeing onto the side of the Orange County Museum of Art is so cool! The dog actually sprays yellow paint onto the building every few minutes. This outdoor piece is just one of a number of Richard Jackson pieces on […]

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This is a photographic example of bullet point #2 in my Bad California Drivers post. It’s only one photo so far but trust me, if you look around for it, you’ll start seeing that a lot of cars have these weird dents/scratches in their sides due to the fact that drivers here are turning too […]

A viewpoint of a crash most car owners never have or want to show. But for some reason, this Mazda RX-8 owner did.

I’ve passed by trucks like this on the road but I never knew that they got rid of their load by opening from the side! How fascinating!!