Ok, I take it back. This flat black SIGG water bottle is cooler than that gold one I posted earlier.


I don’t carry a water bottle on me on a day to day basis, but I can definitely appreciate this SIGG bottle in flashy distressed gold. Just $22.


I live close enough to my new workplace so that I don’t really need to wake up “early” to catch trains or anything like that. This leaves me plenty of time to wake up and get ready and make a cup of coffee. I thought I’d save some money by investing in a thermos so […]


So much for saving the environment and making you healthier. SIGG, the Swiss company that makes reusable water bottles, has posted a letter from its CEO admitting to having traces of BPA in its water bottle liners up until August 2008. That means that if you bought a SIGG water bottle before August 2008, chances […]