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Danthonia Designs in Australia created this 3D crab sign in about 2 weeks. Check out this video on how they did it!

Haha, this is so funny. I didn’t know that conductors (probably not the right term to use for somebody in the middle of the train) had to point at the black and white board.

So weird! I literally watched them paint this sign at the end of the video all last week.

A hand-painted sign by Mr. Sign for Montreal’s Off The Hook store. Look for it in the Penfield section!


Steve Lambert’s Capitalism Works For Me! (True/False) is coming to NYC from September 20th to October 6th in Times Square. The giant illuminated 20×9′ sign allows people to “vote” true/false about the statement and shows the public the current count for the poll underneath the flashing lights. Check out a video of people talking on […]