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This is cool. I learned about radio telescopes when I went to the Very Big Array in New Mexico last summer. These radio telescopes need complete radio silence to see into the sky. Meaning modern conveniences like cellphones, radios, gasoline cars, and automatic doors are not allowed in the area. One such area exists in […]

From the same brains behind the Signal Glass Snowboard comes a fully-made cardboard snowboard. Completely recyclable, but not exactly practical.

I actually don’t know if this is still here but if you were lucky enough to be on the corner of Broadway and Waverly Place lately, you may have seen Pop Pop, an interactive crosswalk signal that displays messages to the public based on a combined algorithm that takes in the sentiments of people online […]

Reader Mike M sends over this video of a late 60s Mercury Cougar with sequential tail lights. Apparently these sequential tail lights aren’t new and I gotta admit, they look cooler on an old car like this than they do on a new Mustang.