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Tiger, don’t you know this dog is having a drink?

I so desperately wanted this to be real, but alas, it is not (so please stop sending this in!). What’s shown here is a man named Joe Rinaudo playing a custom musical rig with the audio replaced by the video uploader to include silly sound effects. If this were real however, I’m sure Guns n’ […]


Sort of like the Engrish.com website in book format, Sign Language: Travels in Unfortunate English From the Readers of The Telegraph is an amusing little coffee table book that catalogs some of the confusing signage seen around the world by readers of The Telegraph. I’ve included some images of a couple of pages below. Get […]


Credit: Korean Central News Agency, via Reuters This photo is quite funny. First of all, why is nobody else sitting down with him? There are so many seats. Second, he has the silliest grin on his face. I mean, just look at this photo! Just look at it!