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This is so interesting: Sebastian Schmieg took a transparent PNG and submitted it to Google Image Search and asked it to find similar images. He then took the first image result returned back to him and fed it to Google again, repeating the process. Watch as the transparent PNG goes from space images, to people’s […]

How many different ways can you say “Conan O’Brien may be about to push the envelope on late night television.”?

So Sony has a new commercial out called “Two Worlds” that features a poem from Leonard Cohen. The commercial is oddly reminiscent of another video called Nuit Blanche which I posted earlier last year. The similar look can be attributed to both videos being made by director Arev Manoukian. It looks like Sony was so […]


Photo: Guy Coombes For New Zealand Fashion Week, Twenty Seven Names presented their Winter 2012 collection with a series of portraits of model and agency owner Ngahuia Williams shot by photographer Guy Coombes. Reminds me of that one scene in Garden State when Zach Braff’s character tries on the shirt made by the family friend. […]


Definition of Auto Buds: Two cars of the same make, model, and color (or as identical as possible) that are parked right next to each other or in close proximity. [via] Seriously, this website is so awesome. I’ve always wanted a term for this phenomenon and now I know it. COOL.

Gmail mobile: It’s just like your regular browser Gmail! Love this animation by JESS3. Check out how they made the video below.