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Here’s a game called Circles that’s basically a modern take on Simon. The game is for iOS devices and it looks lovely!


This feels like something I should have written 5 months ago when I made the move from NYC to LA. But tonight, it’s hitting me a bit harder than it did before mainly because this time around when I leave NYC, I’m leaving a bit more than just family and friends. I’m leaving a place. […]


Back in 2002, my brothers (Simon and Norman), Brandon, and I recorded a CD for our friend Steph Shieh’s sweet 16. It was pretty hilarious and definitely musically sound from what I remember. None of us would have thought that 9 years later, Steph Shieh would marry Norman and become Steph Yung! This is a […]

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This has always been one of my favorite photos. There’s something about looking through a 4×5 camera that makes everything look so much more interesting. When I get some money saved, I’ll buy one and hopefully shoot with it some more. UPDATE: Oh, it looks like I’ve already posted this photo before. This is what […]