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So very late last night, Simon, Norman, Terri, Esther and I decided to go out into the relatively windy and wet NYC streets to see what it was like to bike during a hurricane/tropical storm. The video starts off with us biking in light rain during the day and then the 2nd half of the […]

I know, I’m not getting very creative with these video names. So sue me (please don’t…no money). Anyway, here’s another video from our most recent practice session. I particularly like this video because it shows how well we know each other musically. Every once in a while we’ll lose each other mid-song because of a […]

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If you’ve ever dreamed of playing the original Super Mario Bros. as Samus, Bill R. (Contra), Simon (Simon’s Quest?), Mega Man, or Link, then Exploding Rabbit has just made your dream come true with Super Mario Crossover. All of the alternate game characters retain their iconic moves and weapons in Mushroom Kingdom so there’s going […]


Over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to use the Timbuk2 Hemlock as my primary bag for getting me through the day. All in all I think it’s a solid bag. FIT/COMFORT: First thing to consider is the fact that it’s a backpack style bag. I personally feel that they’re more comfortable to […]