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In a commendable effort to get people on boats to wear their life jackets, this website simulates what it is like to drown in the ocean as the boat you were on suddenly steers away. Anybody who has been in a similar near-drowning situation knows how much this feeling sucks and how quickly you get tired […]


If you code for websites and need to see how fast/slow your site is loading on a mobile network, no need to grab a phone. Just use Slowy!

This is more geekery than I can understand, but here’s what I took away from watching this video: Basically, these people have developed a way realistically simulate material sounds based on animated movements made in a computer. Is this awesome or what?

A proposed 9/11 memorial named Twin Towers IGIRAMA would essentially simulate walking about 1300 feet above Ground Zero.

Advertising agency Scholz & Friends in Berlin created this nice commercial for Loewe by using a concert hall choir to simulate the effects of audio control on a TV sound system.