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There’s such thing as a stand-in hurricane simulator???? Oh man, where can I find this and give it a try?! This looks fun! Here are a bunch of videos to watch if you want to see what it’s like.

Lexus is putting lots of money behind research and development with this ginormous driving simulator that is about the size of an entire football field. The driving simulator is a 20′x15′ dome with an actual Lexus vehicle inside that’s hooked up to a multitude of sensors and computers. The driving simulator gives one of the […]

Go to helenkellersimulator.com to see the world like she did. A truly unique experience and an excellent website from a design perspective. UPDATE: Tien sends over this video of a similar simulator.

The University of Louisville Hospital has a unique robot simulator named Puff Daddy that can show doctors and patients how germs can spread through a simple cough. Puff Daddy spews out a vapor-like substance of “germs” when it coughs and when a black light is turned on, the germs glow and show just how far […]