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What this video shows basically, is that contrary to popular belief on how voice assistance will free you up to do other things, the reality is that you have to be more concentrated on your device to make sure it’s doing what you want correctly. That’s a bummer for Siri, Google Now, and Cortana.

A really fascinating piece from The Verge about how companies like Nuance are using voice actors likes Allison Dufty to create artificial intelligence that is helping us in our vehicles, game consoles and phones. If Allison’s voice sounds familiar, it’s mainly because it’s widely assumed (although not confirmed by any one source) that her voice […]

And then you get Google to do it 50 times. It’s a digital game of telephone that ends rather humorously.

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Faster, better, and more relevant results. That’s what you’ll get if you use Google’s Voice Search on the iPhone instead of Siri. I must have missed Google’s latest update to their Google App for iOS, but in it, the Voice search function is greatly improved and it now acts as a suitable replacement for Apple’s […]