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PAY & SIT: the private bench (HD) from Fabian Brunsing on Vimeo. Fabian Brunsing imagines a world where the relaxing activity of sitting has become a chargeable commodity. Let’s hope it never gets this far.

This unidentified man was so wasted at Coachella this year that he had a hard time putting on his flip-flops. Highly amusing…I give it an A+ for effort.

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BoingBoing points over to this adorable tutorial on how to make a tiny gingerbread house that sits nicely on the rim of your mug. You can download the PDF pattern to make these gingerbread houses here.

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo. This might be one of my favorite videos online. In this video, various children are told to sit in a chair in a room with one marshmallow. The adult tells the child that they can either eat the marshmallow now or wait until they come back and […]