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This is pretty amazing. Aymann Ismail snuck into the massive construction project near the WTC that will soon (one day) be the WTC transportation hub and took some photos of the process.


Photo: Wil Blanche/NARA According to the photo’s caption, this was a construction site just north of the former Word Trade Centers in NYC in May 1973. I guess this is what TriBeCa used to look like huh.

I lived in Miami for some time and had never heard of the now-abandoned Aerojet-Dade rocket site until now. The place is what you would expect after 50 years of abandonment and it’s a bit of a surprise to me that nobody has ventured down into what’s called the “deepest hole made in Florida” to […]


Just FYI: The Madballs website is still up and if you want to purchase Madballs to rekindle your love for gross-out 80′s memorabilia, you can because there are plenty of stores that still sell these things. Amazing.


A single-serving site that presents you with crudely drawn images of toast in costumes. Simple time-waster of the day I suppose…