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Chevrolet pushed one of its brand-new Chevy Sonic vehicles out of a plane over the Arizona desert and the resulting videos are pretty extraordinary (especially the one below).

These guys at pixie dust for breakfast. Just kidding, they are just in some special skydiving simulator with a huge wind generator. Duh!

These folks from Japan (duh!) hook up a projector and a laptop to display a map of the Earth as it slowly zooms in via Google Earth. With fans and a couple of cables from the ceiling, they’ve successfully mastered the art of fake skydiving.

Over at Kiretenai.com, Schick has these amusing videos of 3 men dressed in spandex and shaving while doing stunts that make it nearly impossible to complete the task. The one above shows one of the men skydiving while shaving. [via]

In the very public war between Amir and Streeter (at CollegeHumor) on who can prank who the best, this new prank — #8, believe it or not — makes Streeter believe that his parachute won’t deploy in a skydiving excursion. Almost not funny but it’s Amir and Streeter, so it is.

Wow, this is really neat. I don’t have the balls to go skydiving, let alone skydiving and using my parachute as a jump rope. [via] PLEASE NOTE: Break.com videos are having some trouble being displayed, so if you come here and the video player isn’t showing, just refresh the page and the video should come […]