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This is really incredible. The perception of infinite depth and a “blue sky” with sunlight. But it’s just artificial light.

Skylights from Knate Myers on Vimeo. Check out this amazingly colorful time-lapse of the night sky. The video is made up of about 6000 photos mostly taken near the Very Large Array in New Mexico.


I don’t think this guy works here anymore (although the garage still exists). He was mad cool though, letting me walk into the garage and just photograph him and his coworkers at their workplace. This photo is my favorite of that batch because it’s the one that’s framed the worst. But the lighting is pretty […]

Roof Kittehs @ Yahoo! Video Kittens + laser pointer always ends up being a good video. Thanks Norman!


I wanted to post this before I left for class. Thanks for stopping by Gordo!


If you come over to my apartment during the hours of 8AM and 3PM, me and my assistant Joey will gladly take a photograph of you under this skylight (weather permitting).