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You hear that? Yes, that my friends is a quiet-close toilet from Porcher called the Venetto II. It incorporates a no-slam closing mechanism that slows the top cover as it comes down. No need to use man-power to gently close this toilet — it’ll do it all on its own (just like most modern pianos!!).

I had a good laugh while watching this video from Arbroath this weekend. Look at how dazed he is from literally slamming his body full-force into that window. I’m sure he hit his head while doing so too. Ouch.

Wow, somebody is either losing a job or getting severely punished for this. The man shown being slammed into the wall was wrongly identified as a suspect in an assault. The body slam left the innocent 29-year-old victim in a coma. MESSED UP.

Watch how many times the AP decides to roll this clip of a car slamming through a dollar store in Hallandale Beach, Fl. I’m counting 10 different times in a single video, all from the same angle and camera.