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Prodworthy – Person deemed suitable for sexual relations. Eye Magnet – A secondary sexual characteristic at which any person could not resist the temptation to sneak a peek. Procrastibate – The act of repeated, and often pleasureless self-love brought on by the need to stave off more weighty tasks. Fuckstruck – Besotted, hopelessly in love. […]

Yes, Australian’s do have some weird slang (including calling McDonald’s “Macca’s”). And this new ad for McDonald’s in Australia certainly puts all those slang terms into one 30-second bit. Prep yourselves folks, this may sound completely foreign if you’re not Australian.

Want to be right up there with the latest in pop culture? Well, The Awl has discovered what looks like the next big urban dance craze called “Dick Slang” (just kidding, there’s no way this is going to be a big hit — just an embarassing blip in music). Anyway, “Dick Slang” involves shaking your […]