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I think I remember seeing this on Kickstarter. I had no idea it was being sold on Amazon now for $99. Nice present, right?

Here’s something I didn’t know until just now. Have you heard of ASMR? It stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response and its sole purpose, in as many as 2.6 million different YouTube videos so far online, is to soothe people into sleeping or relaxing through the use of sound. Usually, this consists of crumpling paper […]

Remember falling asleep on strangers in the subway? Well, sometimes it can be a nice thing I guess.

I generally get anywhere between 5-8 hours of sleep per night each week (usually closer to the 5 hours rather than the 8) and I don’t feel like I have any ill-effects in terms of reaction time or cognitive function. Interesting study on what happens if I were to stay awake though. Or rather, what […]