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Based on this short film by Nicholas Barker, one might be inclined to think that Tokyo is just very exhausting. Could be both a good and bad thing! Neat idea for a short movie.

Seriously, every normal activity on earth is made super-amazing when done in space. Chris Hadfield has my dream job.

Look at the way this cat sleeps. By the way, this is my Tygra, whereas the video I posted earlier was of another similar looking cat also named Tygra.

Professor Colin Espie Introduces Sleepio from Sleepio on Vimeo. I’m skeptical, but this 6-week program to overcome sleep anxiety through Sleepio sounds interesting. I’d be curious to see if this could help me. I don’t know if I have sleep anxiety, I think I just like staying awake.

In this photo taken in 2008, researcher Matt Kaplan found that sperm whales actually do take periodic naps. And when they do, they do it vertically in the water with their noses/snouts sticking just above the water’s surface. Freaky!