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This isn’t the first time I’m posting about this, but it’s the first time I’m seeing it available online and in so many different colors. Also, for $159, this seems like a great deal for a fun and different sleeping bag.


This looks neat! The Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag from Alite Designs is rated for 20-degree weather and has pockets and a zippered center so you can walk around in it if you need. I can’t tell if I want this or the Poler Napsack more! They’re both about the same price.

If the Poler Napsack was rated to something better than just 50 degrees, I would totally wear it and never take it off.


I’ve always wanted to sleep inside a pizza slice. Now I can with this pizza slice sleeping bag selling (for pre-order) on Etsy for $100 deposit (final price is $300). I sort of wish I had this for camping this weekend!

Neatorama posted this ridiculous video demonstration of the JakPak, a waterproof sleeping bag, jacket, and tent in one. To my surprise, more than a handful of people love this thing. See more demo videos below. Don’t get me wrong, all-in-ones are cool, but that tent part is just not doing it for me.


Laughing Squid posted a link to this anatomical sleeping bag which sells for just over $70 USD! Cheap! Guts, muscles, ligaments, and all. Show your tentmate what you’re made of.