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15 Years of Apple's Homepage from Charlie Hoehn Charlie Hoehn used the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to compile screengrabs of what the Apple.com homepage has looked like over the last 15 years. Amazing.


I love this short slideshow from Teen Vogue showing fellow Parsons alumni and uber-fashion-blogger Frances Kwon giving a tour of her exquisite apartment. If you follow her blog you undoubtedly have seen her apartment featured in some form or another in her photos. Photos by Mark Iantosca

You need a password to watch it, so if I haven’t already sent it to you, just @reply me on Twitter or email me for it.

Courtney Hergesheimer produced this video slideshow for the Los Angeles Times in 2007 about a few of LA’s bike messengers. I don’t usually think of LA when I think of bike messengers but it’s good to know that there are a good number of them riding around town. I can’t imagine though how they get […]


Jesse Desjardins has uploaded a very useful slideshow presentation on how to make your slideshow presentations more engaging and beautiful. There are a lot of good tips in there that can be applied to just about any visual medium and if you’re day to day job involves creating Powerpoint or slideshow presentations, then you might […]


The New York Times has posted a wonderful and frightening gallery of images of atomic bomb tests conducted by the United States military from 1945 to 1962. The slideshow of images is set to the voice of 82-year-old George Yoshitake who is one of the last cameramen (who have witnessed these tests) still alive from […]