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Lots of research going into every Dyson vacuum. The second half of this video shows the beating that each vacuum goes through before it is certified ready for the consumer market.


      I’m a sucker for leather goods. I just love how natural leather ages and gets darker over time and lately I’ve gotten over my Tailfeather Kangaroo Skin wallet (the metal stub is killing me when I sit!). For $45, this McGraw slim leather wallet fits the bill. If you like something more […]

Made essentially of elastic headband material, the Slim wallet is meant to really store credit cards and plastic in order to make your wallet as thin as possible. It looks like a lot of people are buying into the idea because even with 28 days to go, they’ve already raised over $10,000. Slim – The […]


Chang-Su Lee of Design Hara, a group that aims to make compact computers with less of an impact on the environment, has created this low-end and slim computer that also serves as an iPhone dock. The specs are super-great, but they also aren’t too bad either. Check out more photos here. CPU: INTEL ATOM DUAL […]


This is weird. Canon has combined a calculator with a mouse to bring us the Canon X Mark I Slim Mouse. It comes in black and white for approximately $60. Is there a big market for such a 2-in-1 device?