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I always wonder what the animals are thinking when humans help them like this.

Watch this fat cat try to get its wet self out of a bathtub. Sad but also pretty cute and funny. [via]

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The video takes a while to get going, but be sure to take some time and watch this video from Engadget about a new surface treatment called SLIPS (Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface) that can basically repel any liquid applied to it (oil, spray paint, water, liquid cement, etc.). The treatment was inspired by the Nepenthes […]

MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith is the mastermind behind this nano-technology that lines the insides of bottles with super-slippery coating so that condiments can easily slide out of the bottle without rigorous shaking and pounding on the bottle. It’s a genius invention that can potentially save 1 million tons of food from being wasted. Check […]

If I lived in Japan, I would never get anything done because I would end up just watching shows like this all day long. [via]

A winter storm hit Seattle on November 22nd and one John Street citizen filmed the chaos that ensued due to the slick roads. No one gets hurt and that’s why this is sort of fun to watch. [via]