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This is such a puzzling video. This car just goes straight into this super slow moving train.

I noticed the decrease in streaming speed for Netflix on my FiOS connection upstate the other day but didn’t have the tools to record or prove that it was indeed Verizon throttling the connection to one particular website. But this guy does. So messed up.

Man, this was hard to watch. PetaPixel posts helmetcam footage of two men inside a cave, one who gets stuck, as the cave fills with water. The video is scary but luckily it looks like he ended up getting out ok. But man, talk about a close call…


Man, this review here is enough to turn me off from Canon’s mirrorless endeavors for a good while. How did they screw this up so badly?

Wow, this is amazing. Thank you internet for this! She really does sort of sound like Jay-Z.