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This music video has been making the rounds lately. Why? Because it’s entirely shot on the iPhone with a SLR lens adapter. Quality-wise, this is perfect. Amazing how far technology has come.


This is a really sweet way to propose. After writing “Marry Me” on an iPhone screen cover, Jerrit, a writer for Fstoppers, stuck the piece of film onto the mirror of his Nikon SLR and asked his girlfriend to focus a shot of him in a vineyard. While looking through the viewfinder, his girlfriend saw […]

Casey Neistat shows us how to do it so we will never have to do it to our own lens. Ever.


This is crazy. Photojojo is selling an SLR lens mount for the iPhone 4 for $190. The lens mounts via a whole separate case that you have to put around the iPhone 4 and renders the phone un-pocketable. Little details are out about the SLR lens mount for now, but it doesn’t look like the […]


I love cut-away portions of any tech gadget and this video of a Sony A55 DSLR with a translucent mirror is definitely no exception. The translucent mirror is a phenomenal piece of technology that Sony has implemented into this camera with one huge beneficial factor — the camera can autofocus even when doing video. On […]

This is a bit of an old post, but it’s still relevant given the increasing amount of people buying SLRs that can also shoot video. Photographer Chase Jarvis is seen above explaining how he manages to shoot such compelling POV shots using a Bogen/Manfrotto Magic Arm Kit with a Super Clamp. It’s a relatively cheap […]