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José Manuel Hermo Barreiro lives in Spain and makes some of the world’s smallest working motors, including the world’s smallest V12 engine!

I thought this was a joke at first by Rocketboom, but it turns out that the park shown here, Mill Ends Park in Portland, Oregon, really is designated by the Guinness Book of World Records as the Smallest Park in the World.


This is actually really cute and I had no idea it existed in an area that I pass by often. On Cortlandt Alley in Chinatown, there is a place called MUSEUM that claims to be the world’s smallest museum. It is housed inside an old defunct elevator shaft and exhibits found objects from NYC. The […]

I’m not sure if these are still at LACMA, but if they are, I certainly missed them the last time I was there. Here are Maurizio Cattelan’s tiny elevators, apparently the world’s smallest. Where do they go? Who knows.

Although it’s not recognized by any sovereign state, many people take it as fact that Sealand is the world’s smallest nation, taking up the space of the platform of the HM Fort Roughs off the coast of London. Certainly a small site to be turned into a skatepark, but Red Bull pulled it off. What […]