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According to SMART crew, this long line of firecrackers went off in this neighborhood on July 4th for about 10 minutes. Long enough for cops to show up and do nothing about it. Haha!

This music video is so awesome. It’s directed by Tom Gould for hip-hop artist Meyhem Lauren and features the SMART CREW graffiti crew tagging and doing a couple of throwups over NYC.


AnimalNY just posted another photo of the Domino Sugar Factory, this time with a huge SMART CREW roll-up to go along with those other guys we saw last week.


I was just browsing the SMART Crew online store (kinda odd, but whatever) and I saw these MTA safety vests for $79. It’s a high crime to impersonate MTA transit personnel, but gosh, I couldn’t help but think that these vests would definitely get me into some restricted places a bit easier (or at least […]