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This is a great episode of Smarter Every Day where Destin interviews Dr. Jamie Seymour, an expert in venomous marine animals and one of the few people near Steve Irwin when he was killed in a freak accident by the barb of a stingray. Dr. Jamie Seymour recounts his experience in meeting Steve and how […]

Hmm, this video proved once and for all that I know absolutely zero about ice skating.

Smarter Every Day examines what might have led to Houdini’s untimely death after a punch to the stomach. And then, they use their hi-speed cameras to capture what a punch to the gut really looks like.

In this episode of Smarter Every Day, we see the amazing and unusual cocoon of the Urodid Moth. It’s built like a over-sized shell with giant holes to allow the pupa that hangs from a leaf to breathe. The giant holes also allow rainwater to fall right through so that the pupa doesn’t drown. Fascinating!