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Benny Winfield Jr., otherwise known by his Instagram handle mrpimpgoodgame, might actually own the most hilarious Instagram I have yet to come across. As you can see in the screengrab above, his entire account consists of himself smiling at the camera in almost the exact same way in every photo. Sometimes he post once a […]

Ron Gutman talks about why smiling may actually be the best medicine for any sort of ailment.


CHAO & EERO made this cute smiley face ring as part of their SIGNS collection. They’ve got other emoticons in the collection as well, but none of them work as well as this one I think.


From now on, this is how I will imagine Barney the purple dinosaur. No, he’s not a person underneath. He’s a full-on grinning skeleton! I WANT!! UPDATE: It’s out now and available for $135!

Jack McBrayer is my hero and this interview with him on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien just makes me love the guy even more. Note: I have no doubt that this video will be removed in a few weeks once more new episodes of The Tonight Show air, so try and watch this before […]