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I remember seeing this PSA when I was growing up. I never really knew much about the ad or the woman featured in it, but I found out earlier this week that she had passed away. The woman shown in the “Voicebox” anti-tobacco ad is named Debi Austin. She reportedly smoked 2-3 packs A DAY […]


Amusing illustration by Aleksandra Waliszewska (she also made the logo for Monster Brains).


Back in July of 2011 I wrote about how Australia was beginning to push for plain cigarette packaging with graphic imagery to discourage smoking in the country. Since then, the law has been passed and Australia has even run a few graphic anti-smoking ads on TV. I obviously don’t live in Australia anymore, but I like […]

I can’t say that I agree with everything in this Atlantic article about the potential good in tobacco. Actually, I could probably say that I disagree with all of it.

If you could see the damage that cigarettes were doing to your body, you’d stop, right? I wish the US would show ads like this. We need the wake up call. It’s so ridiculous to me that people still smoke these days when there’s so much evidence that it’s just downright bad for you AND […]

Two PSAs from MAKE about quitting smoking. [via]