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Remember that interpolated HD video of Mars Curiosity Rover’s descent? Well somebody has done it one level better in this video above showing an ultra-smooth HD-quality video of the descent in 30fps. It’s color-corrected, detail-enhanced, and played at the actual real-time speed that Curiosity made the descent to the surface of Mars. Incredible work.

Check out this video of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing video (which was posted in HD previously) that somebody put together which turns the jagged video into something more similar to motion-capture. [via] As the video description says: This is the Curiosity Mars Rover descent footage interpolated from ~4 frames per second to 25 frames […]

Man, these are some really smooth shots from a moving vehicle. I want to do this all day long. Thanks State Bicycle Co.!

Look at how smooth this video is. That’s the bigger brother of the Glidecam HD-1000 which I posted a demo of yesterday. The results really are that impressive and I’m hoping to be able to test a similar set up out soon. For now, just enjoy the video above.

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Click to enlarge Wow, take a look at that smooth part of the water right above the dolphin’s back. Absolutely stunning image! Thanks Pierre!

Krips ‘n’ Shit from Joe Lawry on Vimeo. Joe Lawry uploaded this video of a couple of his friends riding their Freebords down some pretty smooth paths. I’m jealous.