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I’m having a good laugh here seeing how this sea lion jumps right out of the water and steals this fish!

This is now my biggest fear. Giant eagles coming to get me. UPDATE: It’s a fake. [via]

WTF. There’s at least one man in NYC who is catching dirty pigeons off the street and carrying them away for an unknown reason. [via]


NOTCOT posted this neat little device called I Lock You that basically acts as a way of securing your purse to a chair/pole to deter thieves who are in the business of purse-snatching. Of course, it’s not a fail-safe solution, but imagine the surprise on the thief’s face when he realizes that he’s pulling an […]

This is beyond epic. When 2 thieves in Wenzhou, China snatched a purse from a woman and rode off on their motor scooter to flee the scene, a passerby on a bicycle stopped and got off his bike, and then proceeded to throw the bike onto the crooks in order to halt their escape. The […]