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Yesterday’s episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore had this golden moment about half way into the episode. Snooki rolls out ready to party in a leopard dress and Vinny compliments her while Pauly D looks on. The two-word reaction and facial expression from Pauly D is hilarious!


If your 3 favorite people on MTV’s Jersey Shore happen to be Snooki, DJ Pauly D, and The Situation, then you’re in luck because Entertainment Earth is selling their likeness as a bobble head doll. That way, you can keep their bobbing heads on your desk for daily guidance regarding all things guido. Thanks Cecilia!


Wow, you have to check out the rest of the images in this gallery on Socialite Life. Thanks Yelena, you know my heart well.

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I am so happy that they aren’t including Angelina in these photo shoots despite her return to the show for season 2. Thanks JustJared!

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Guess what! You can get a Never-Fall-In-Love-At-The-Jersey-Shore Valentine Gift set with multiple hand-drawn cards and a choice of 3 pairs of unique earrings (Snooki, man who punched Snooki, or State of New Jersey) for just $25! Valentine’s Day gift shopping is done!

MTV Shows Two of my favorite things in life right now converge in this one, real-life video! So awesome and so funny! [via]