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A pretty awesome video of a man named Muhammad Yunus who decided to think of lending money as a social business rather than one of strictly maximizing profits, and he found that the change he was able to create in the lives of the poor was much more rewarding than he ever could have imagined.

I find that I never quite understand how or why I use the web the way I do until somebody explains it to me in a clear manner. Paul Adams here does that for me.

TEDxWakeForestU: Ricky Van Veen – How we create an identity through online sharing

A truly fascinating and interesting talk by CollegeHumor founder Ricky Van Veen about why we share things online. I love the way he mentions that in the future (or right now even, documentation will lead to experience rather than the other way around. People will begin to do things in order to share it with […]

Slow-Motion Fireworks: The Story of You

A new site called The Union Co. aims to be the starting point for social change by selling products which encourage you to keep giving to communities worldwide. They already have an assortment of items to purchase, with each item specifically helping a particular place with a need. Prices range from cheap to expensive and […]

I only play this game with cheat codes, but it’s always fun still. I know, I’m not their target game player, but who cares.