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Nice soft grip iPhone 4 cases from id America. Get one in your shade of pastel for $19.95.

This is a cool art installation called Soft City by French architect Benjamin Boré. He turned the brick pathway in this part of town into a visually confusing street water-bed. [via]

This shiba-inu right here can control the sound of his bark on command. Want him to bark softer? Just say so (in Japanese). [via]

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This looks like a comfy couch, no? Well, it’s probably not because it’s completely made out of concrete. UK-based Gray Concrete made this to demonstrate their sophisticated concrete molding techniques — so good that they can make the mind think that concrete might just very well be comfortable to sit on for hours on end. […]


Etsy asked Jen and Brian Gubicza, a husband and wife team working under the name Zooguu, to decorate some of the smaller rooms located at the Etsy headquarters. What Zooguu did is nothing short of amazing by transforming the rooms into plush playgrounds! All the objects down to the pins on the bulletin board are […]