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This is the Turanor Planetsolar, a 5500-square-foot boat with photovoltaic cells powering 8-tons of lithium-ion batteries. It was the first boat to circumnavigate the globe on solar power and this summer it is being used as a scientific research vessel. How much does something like this cost? How about $17 million.


Good news for NYC residents: AT&T is installing 25 solar-powered charging stations spread throughout Union Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island, Riverside Park, and Hudson River Park. The charging stations are free of charge to use and will feature all major charging peripherals including micro-USB, 30-pin Apple, and Lightning cables.

I’ve posted about this solar roadway idea beforeĀ and now GE Focus Forward explains the idea in more detail. I seriously love this idea and wish it could be implemented.

Burning stuff with solar power

The YouTube description for this video says that the heat generated here is about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, but commenters are saying that if ti can melt glass, which it does, then it’s probably closer to 3000 degrees. That’s insane. And so damn close to their hands!


I know I posted about Haze earlier today but the color-related iPhone weather app to beat is still Solar (for the moment). And after A VERY LONG TIME, it looks like it finally got an update to support the iPhone 5′s taller screen. YES! Get it here for $.99!