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Aerogel is that ultra-light solid that is basically air.


designboom has some photos of a robotic arm that is used to carve the solid-piece 7Xstool by tom pawlofsky + tibor weissmahr. [via] And yes, there’s video! chainsaw robot carves the 7Xstool by tom pawlofsky + tibor weissmahr from designboom on Vimeo.

A video from NASA showing how the Space Shuttle Discovery’s solid rocket boosters are recovered in the Atlantic Ocean after liftoff. This particular event happened after STS-133.

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If you’ve ever wanted your iPhone dock to doubly serve as a paperweight, then no need to look any further than the Dock+. The Kickstarter campaign for this elegant solid steel iPhone 5 dock is well on its way to being funded (although it’s not quite there yet!) and with your help it can become […]

This is awesome. This guy goes through so much meticulous work just to construct this large magnetic object and then at the end, he just crushes it. Over 8000 Zen Magnets in this one…