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I never understood people obsessed with eating one particular color of M&M’s (or Skittles), but I guess if Mariah Carey were around, this machine would make somebody’s life easier.

Here’s a look inside UPS Worldport, the company’s largest sorting facility in the US.


This is the most comprehensive look at the entire USPS mail process that I’ve ever seen. It’s made by the Smithsonian for their National Postal Museum. The particular exhibit entitled Systems At Work is filled with amazing photos, facts, and videos about the USPS mail system. I never really think of the United States Postal […]


It’s totally amazing to me that the USPS is able to function with minimal delay given all of the different types of letters, packages, and flat-envelopes it receives. Literally ever piece of mail is different from the next and yet the USPS sorting machines never fail or get confused…at least not when you think they […]

This look at the inside of a UPS sorting facility is straight-up crazy. If you’ve ever been to B&H and seen their conveyor belt checkout system, then think of UPS’s facility like a much larger and even more automated machine. It’s wonderful to watch.