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It’s amazing to me how the US Postal Service sorts mail. It receives such a varied assortment of letters and packages¬†with addresses that are sometimes illegible even to a human. And yet, the USPS’s Advanced Facer-Canceller System (AFCS) can read it, sort it, rotate it, and then push it to the right mail carriers for […]

Here’s a look inside UPS Worldport, the company’s largest sorting facility in the US.

Damn, this is an insane amount of planning and precision on FedEx’s part to do this every single day of the year.


This is the most comprehensive look at the entire USPS mail process that I’ve ever seen. It’s made by the Smithsonian for their National Postal Museum. The particular exhibit entitled Systems At Work is filled with amazing photos, facts, and videos about the USPS mail system. I never really think of the United States Postal […]


This is NOT a USPS video (aren’t you glad?), but it’s similar technology used in a different context. In this case, an unassuming office is quickly sorting mail with the help of this Neopost MSA 9600 (can’t they think of better names?) which sorts mail by size, OCR/text, and/or weight. Watch the flaps open and […]