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I haven’t watched this all the way through yet (it’s a feature-length film), but I’m honestly intrigued by the subject matter. Soulja Boy, a music artist who hasn’t even been on the mainstream for more than 10 years, and he’s already got a movie about himself? Insane.

So sad that the man that was made by Myspace has all but abandoned his page on the site. Anyway, did you know this song has over 59 million views on YouTube?

Looks like Soulja Boy is gunning for T-Pain’s title of owner of the most ridiculous neck chain ever made. Who has it worse/better? T-Pain with his BIG ASS CHAIN or Soulja Boy and his iced-out R/C Lamborghini necklace?


Firstly, this is what T-Pain looks like when he doesn’t have sunglasses on. Secondly, this is T-Pain’s new BIG ASS CHAIN that he first showed off back in early June 2009 on his Twitter. Hilarious! Here’s a video of it, just because I know you want to see a video of it. And here’s Soulja […]