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This seems a little crazy to me, mostly because even when using the microwave, it still takes 20 minutes to cook. So why not just cook it in a pot over the stove? You’re ultimately saving, what, like 5 minutes?


That’s it folks! As of today, Monday July 1, 2013, shark fin soup and all things shark fin related are officially banned in the state of California. The traditional Asian dish/delicacy was once reserved only for the super-rich, but has lately become a more regular staple in the Asian cuisine. What this increased demand has […]

Brooklyn Bouillon: Treating Bones Like the Gold of an Animal from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo. I want to see what this stock is all about. Neat that it’s made in Brooklyn. Last place I would have expected.


This is pretty neat. Campbell’s Soup is celebrating 50 years of Andy Warhol’s 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans (which hands in NYC’s MoMA) with these limited edition colorful art cans that will begin selling at Target stores on September 2nd for just 75 cents each. I’m expecting these to go fast.

In short, it can’t be done. But watching somebody else do it is fun.