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North Shorida…… from adam roberts on Vimeo. From Adam Roberts. A glimpse of life in South Florida not usually seen by most.

TUNED takes us into the RennTech factory in South Florida to get a sneak preview of the tuner’s prototype CLS63. Mmmmm!

I didn’t know it at the time, but Neighbors 4 Neighbors, the program intended to bring together those who need help with those who can help, was birthed out of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew (which struck South Florida 20 years ago tomorrow). I remember hearing this program on the news constantly when I was […]

As I mentioned earlier, today is the 19th anniversary of the landing of Hurricane Andrew on South Florida/Miami Dade. The Weather Channel has written up a very informative break-down from the days leading up to August 24, 1992 and explains how Hurricane Andrew ended up being one of the costliest natural disasters in US history. […]

On this day 18 years ago, Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida causing a total of $26 billion in damage (about $41 billion in 2010 dollars). It is the 2nd costliest hurricane to strike the East coast of the US, with only Hurricane Katrina in 2005 being more costly. I wrote a post on last year’s […]


Hurricane Andrew sequence (click image for larger version) Today marks the 17th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew hitting South Florida. I was young at the time (5 years old going on 6), but I still remember the event and the storm clearly. There are spaces in my memory that are blank from the event but here’s […]