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Damn. This is making me real sad. Thank you to these agencies that make life a little easier for people in these communities.

Brett Flippen was the mysterious man behind the amazing SoCalPolicePursuit YouTube channel. His YouTube channel was one of my favorites as it consistently (at least for a while) posted HD videos of police chases all around Southern California. Nowadays, Brett has retired and moved to Hawaii and this is his official announcement saying that he […]


I’ve talked about this situation before about how utterly insane it makes me to be on the same road as some drivers here in California. I can’t stand the slow merges, the huge gaps between parking spaces (although I understand this is required by law due to floor markings), and the rubbernecking. There’s actually an […]

We are going through a heat wave today in Southern California. A brush fire in Camarillo which has spread to about 2000 acres is still not under control and has forced evacuations from homes nearby.