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If you haven’t seen The Verge’s take on Soylent, you can watch it here.

I’ve written about Soylent before. It’s that Kickstarter-funded magic formula of nutrition that can reportedly replace food altogether for an average human being. You can make some at home if you don’t want to be on their waiting list, but if you enjoy other people’s company and the actual taste of food, you won’t be […]

The New York Times asks the all-important question of whether Soylent can replace food altogether. If you don’t know what Soylent is, it’s a liquid mix of nutrients that your body needs to forego solid foods forever. One man (its founder) has already begun the Soylent-only diet and says its doable. You can sort of […]

Remember Soylent, that magical non-food product that is both healthy, reportedly not very tasty, and only drinkable? Well, turns out you don’t have to fork out massive amounts of money to be part of the future of food. You can just make it at home.

I totally get the purpose of research like this, but as a lover of food, Soylent really depresses me. It takes all the joy and social interactivity of having a meal with others and dwindles it down to a lonely, isolated, and scientific drink. Who wants that? If that’s the future of food, then…well, let’s […]