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Videos like this are why I love the internet. It allows me to virtually be in a place that I would otherwise never step into in order to see a process I knew nothing about. From the video description: Technicians at Textron Defense Systems near Boston are applying Avcoat ablator material to some 330,000 cells […]

The Space Shuttle Program was directly inspired by the original Galileo Space Ship in Star Trek?! Really?


This is so incredible! Luke Geissbuhler and his son Max created this homemade spacecraft consisting of a camera attached to a helium balloon and sent it to the start of space, just outside the earth’s atmosphere. The project was a part of the Brooklyn Space Program. If you would like to see more videos like […]

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Image courtesy of NASA The Big Picture has some images of the Cassini spacecraft flying by Saturn and its moons. The photos have traveled an incredible 870 million miles in space just to get to us. If you want more photos, NASA is curating a selection of images at BoingBoing from the Cassini spacecraft.


The European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft captured this amazing photo of Earth in darkness with only the South Pole being lit by the Sun.