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Who hasn’t gone through this aggravating process? Also, remember that a normal password with SPACES is actually more secure than a password with symbols and special characters. Plus it’s easier to remember too.

Back in December, I posted a video preview of a new street parking system being implemented in San Francisco where parking meters would automatically update street space information to your mobile device and/or computer so that you can know exactly where an open space is without having to circle aimlessly for blocks. Streetfilms has a […]

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I’ve been a friend of Elin’s for several years now and I’m pretty excited for her to come here to NY this weekend for work. Elin is a photographer hailing from Sweden who I studied with in Melbourne a couple of years back. I’ve always liked looking at her photographs because they transport me to […]


I don’t even recall how I came across this photographer, but I really like his work. Check out Lucas Hardonk’s portfolio here and tell me you don’t feel like visiting the places he’s been!